“Императорский Безумец” реж. Юлия Ауг

The Last Human (Riga)


“Eutopia” Theater Fine Five

“Мертвые Души” реж. Эльмо Нюганен

Awarded the prize: “The best music in the theater” for the theater performance in 2021
(Alice, Master and Margarit, Мудрец)


“Мастер и Маргарита” 

(Vene teater, Composer)


(Vene teater, Composer)


(Vene teater, Composer)

“Визит Инспектора”

(Vene teater, Composer)


“Эрик и Анна”

(Vene teater, Composer)

Волшебная ночь, или когда оживают игрушки (Vene teater, Composer)

Ruslan and Ljudmila (Veneteater) composer

Pipi Composer

Richard III in Veneteater (director S.Potapov), composer


Idem” in Vabalava by Audiokinetica, composer

Awarded the prize: “The best music in the theater”

“Горе от Ума” Veneteater (director Stepan Pekteev)


Timm Thaler ehk Müüdud naer” Nuku Teater (director Taavi Tonisson), composer
VÄLJAST VÄIKSEM KUI SEEST”  Endla Teater (diretor Mari Liis Lill), composer
Бред в двоем” VeneTeater (director A.Gareev)  music design, ilustrator



Сказка о царе Салтане composer

Женщина змея” music design, composer

Second viewcomposer (diretor Mari Liis Lill) LinnaTeater and Veneteater

Зойкина Квартира composer (director S.Fedotov) Veneteater


Mechanical Piano  Аudiokinetica audiovisual performance, composer, author and producer (Eesti Concert contest winner) (director A.Gareev)

The Naked King Veneteater, composer

“Как собака счастье искала“ Veneteater, composer
“Feast in Time of Plague” Russian Theatre, composer

ВрагVeneteater, sound and music design (director A.Gareev) Best theater director in Estonia 2015

Audiokinetica performance in St. Petersburg’s Alexandra theatre’s experimental stage Aleksandrinka-2, composer, author, musician

“Marriage” Veneteater, music design and music

“Uncle Vanja” Veneteater, composer
“Uverture for 67” Veneteater, composer and musician
“Love and Info” Veneteater, music design

“Cyclotron” (Audiokinetica) Veneteater, composer and performer
“Illusions” Veneteater, composer


“Bernardi Alba’s House” Veneteater, composer and musician
“Cricket” Russian Theatre, composer
“Antigona” Russian Theatre, composer (music – theatre awards nominee)
“Cirkus Shardam” Russian Theatre, composer and musician
“Cinderella” Russian Theatre, (musician)


“Malachite Moon” Veneteater, (composer)
“Can I be Mozart“, Veneteater, composer (director J. Korniag)
“Blush / Beneath the Surface” No99 by Krista Köster / Dance tour ETA, composer, presenter
Teacher at Russian Theatre’s study studio for rhythmic and musical education (instructor M.Gatsalov)

“Master and Margarita“ composer, (Sverdlovsk Drama Theatre, Jekaterinburg, director G.Lifanov)
“The Hunting of the Snark“ Veneteater, musical director, arranger (director A.Pepeljajev)

Project «audiokinetica», autor and presenter, installations HELIROOM

“One Summer Night in Sweden“ Veneteater – music design
„Heart of a Dog“ Veneteater – composer and musical director
„The gamblers“ Veneteater – musical director
„Hedgehog in the Fog“ Veneteater – composer


“Jazz in Russian Theatre“ – project creator and manager
„Five Evenings“ Veneteater – musical director
„XX century hits“ Veneteater – co-assemblage, musical director, design Russian Theatre

“Allo, evroliit“ Veneteater – music design
“The Three Fat Men” Veneteater – arrangement and music design

«Forest» Veneteater – composer


„Frederick or the Crime Boulevard“ Veneteater, (music design)

2010-2011 Composer and producer «ALiCe» (Tallinn2011)
“The Seagull” Veneteater (composer, sound design)
“Equus” Veneteater (composer, music design)

„Silver century“ Veneteater (music design)


“Christmas Spirit” Veneteater (composer and music design)
Teatr Polski w Poznaniu MISTRZ I MAŁGORZATA (“Master and Margarita”) (composer and music design)

“Faratyev’s Fantasies” Veneteater (composer and music design)
“Adventures of Cipollino” Veneteater (arranger, musical director).
Estonian Drama Theatre “Games in the Back Yard or Because” (Director V.Ryzakov) DJ and musician on stage, music design, composer


Sound recording, musical design and music director at Russian Theatre(Veneteater)


“A Bit of Tenderness” Veneteater (music design).

“Shakespeare-süit” Veneteater (music design).

Vanemuine (Sadama theatre) “Running Costs” (music design)


Started project “TrioPhonix+Arts”. It is an active project! Lots of experimentation at every performance. Trio consists of a band, VJ and choreographer (and guest performers).


“Five Twenty Five”. (Director R.Ilin(Feodori), “Drugoi Theatre”.)

Performed with TRAINS (guitar, composer, frontman).

The band was formed especially for the play