Is a union of creatively active and energetic people. We make different kinds of projects in the field of kinetics, music, theatre and visual art. Thanks to our unlimited creative potential we generate ideas that seem unreal at first but after a while they come to life thanks to inquisitive minds, skills and talents of our musicians, artists, engineers and producers.

The project MODULSHTEIN was born in the beginning of summer 2017, in a really short time the musicians have found a common musical language.
In case of MODULSHTEIN, it is not important to determine their musical style or genre, musicians do not intend to delineate themselves with different stylistic constraints.

This electronic music project of classical clarinettist and virtuoso, the Estonian musician Marten Altrov, the effect and sampling-boss DJ Bandit, and the composer and project manager on analog synths, guitar and sequencer, Aleksander Žedeljov has led to an exciting musical journey.

Mix of new-jazz electronic sound and ethnic style. “Triophonix” has a very fascinating staff of jazz, ethnic instruments and DJ playing together. The band plays only original compositions made by the band members.

Chamber music

Composing music for chamber ensembles, solos and orchestras


Already work 10 years with drammatic, audiovisual and dance theater perrormances.
Composer, sound and musici llustration, musician on the stage, sound installation, sound direction and design.


Write music and sound design for Documentary, Drama and Animated films