Aleksandr Žedeljov aka FAERSHTEIN
Composer, musician, producer

Chamber music, bands, artists, theatre shows, film scores, fashion shows, media exhibitions and sound installation’s.
He is producer and creator of “Modulshtein“, “Triophonix” , “Audiokinetica” and many other temporary art projects.

After graduating from school he worked in theatre company’s including
“Drugoi teater”, „Veneteater“, “Sadama teater”, “Eesti Drama theatre”, “Тeatr Polski w Poznaniu” etc.

2001 – 2006 studied and graduated Jazz Guitar from Georg Ots music school in Tallinn,  under the teachings of Mart Soo.
2012 – 2015 studied Audiovisual Composing in ESTONIAN ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND THEATRE.
2014 – 2015 studied Composition from Galina Grigorieva.

2016 – graduated with bachelor’s degree in audiovisual composition at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

2018 – Awarded the prize: “The best music in the theater” for the theater performance IDEM (2017)

2022 – Awarded the prize: “The best music in the theater” for the theater performance “Tarkja”, “Master ja Margarita”, “Alice” (all in Veneteater in 2021)

He is currently working in Russian Theater in Estonia “Vene Teater” as a sound producer, studio recording, musical illustrator, musician, rhythmic teacher.

Faershtein – is my artist name, it is my grandfather’s surname on my mother’s line. I was named Aleksandr after my grandfather. Faershtein is translated as firestone, and this artist name to me is a symbol of energy and mystery of the first spark in each new idea.

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