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NIKA this is two authors project. Mix of new electronic sound, soul, triphop, DnB and ethnic.  Project “NIKA” write and play original compositions and arrangements made by the band members.


Nika Prokopjeva – vocal, text and music author.
Aleksandr Žedeljov – arrangement, composer, guitar, live electronics.

Aleksei Semenihin aka DJ BANDIT – samples, vinyl scratch, FX

In the bases of the project singer and author Nika Prokopjeva and guitarist – composer Aleksandr Žedeljov, which are writing their own songs and experimenting with mixing styles like soul, funk and triphop,

Nika Prokopjeva – winner of the “Voice Of Baltic”.
How did she manage to pass the casting on which came about 1000 people, get to the semifinals, in which 40 people were attending from each of the Baltic countries and even win the competition, Nika answered: “I still don’t understand how did it happen.”

“Music – is my life. I live on the scene and sharing emotions with people”, – said Nika Prokopjeva.

Aleksandr Žedeljov aka FAERSHTEIN– guitarist, composer, producer, musical director of Russian Theatre of Estonia.

Aleksei Semenihin aka DJ BANDIT – Legendary DJ from Tallinn(Estonia), supported Estonian hip hop, funk, and jazz culture.

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Оfficial video “FLY”: 





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here can download: NIKA raider with comments (PDF)