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(Jazz, Jazzfunk, JazzFusion)
The band plays only original compositions made by the band members.
2009 –  album “7Nights
2011 – Triophonix released first official album “LIGHTONE
2014 – EP “FLOWERMAN” OST for animated film

In the official program of Tallinn2011 European Capital of Culture “Triophonix” is one of the authors, creators and active members of audio-visual project ALICE (the premiere is on June 14th in Russian Theatre of Estonia)

Members of Triophonix are active participants of Tallinn music scene, taking part in several bands and projects at once. Although with different academic backgrounds their philosophy revolves around seeking improvement in their musicianship and looking for new ideas.

Aleksandr Žedeljov aka FAERSHTEIN – guitar
Aleksander Paal – saxophone and piano
Ilmars Priede -bass
llja Sharapov – drums








Audiokinetica is a union of creatively active and energetic people. We make different kinds of projects in the field of kinetics, music, theatre and visual art. Thanks to our limited creative potential we generate ideas that seem unreal at first but after a while they come to life thanks to inquisitive minds, skills and talents of our musicians, artists, engineers and producers.

The purpose of our performances is to give the audience the possibility to feel themselves as important and integral part of the technological progress, also to try themselves in a role of a musician, an artist, an engineer.





Aleksandr Žedeljov aka FAERSHTEIN
Composer, musician, producer

Write music for chamber music, bands, artists, theatre shows, film scores, fashion shows, media exhibitions and sound installation’s. “Triophonix” , “Audiokinetica“and many other temporary art projects.

After graduating from school he worked in theatre (“Drugoi teater”, „RussianTheatre“, “Sadama teater”, Eesti Drama theatre, teatr Polski w Poznaniu) , at the same time studied and graduated jazz guitar from Georg Ots music school in Tallinn (2001 – 2006), teacher Mart Soo.
2012 – 2015 studied audiovisual composing in ESTONIAN ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND THEATRE.
2014–2015 studied composing from Galina Grigorieva.

Now working in Russian Drama Theater (Sound producer, sound engineer, studio recording, musical illustrator, musician, rhythmic teacher).



Aleksandr Žedeljov FAERSHTEIN CV(eng)



Aleksandr graduated bachelor in audio visual composition at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre



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